Sunday, 27 July 2014

…Soft Tops...

Here are the follow up images of my trip last week in the vintage convertibles. I felt very lucky to be able to have a spin in those cars. The cars actually belong to James's dad and his uncle, and when on sunny, clear days they take them out along the country roads.

We stopped off for lunch in a local village and then made our way to a nature reserve for tea and cake. Always gotta have a bit of tea and cake on a trip out. Especially in the British countryside. Now back to cars. Beautiful, sleek designs. Very simple and elegant. However, the only thing was, that it got so hot when driving them. It was like the engine was overheating constantly and with the temperatures we've been having recently were not the most helpful in keeping the cars cool. But it only adding to the experience of the cars. All those little details add to its quaintness.