Tuesday, 28 October 2014

…Slow Cooking...

Two Christmases ago, my lovely mother got myself and James a slow cooker. This is a wonderful piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. It is so easy to use and the result is some delicious tasting food. Some of my favourite dishes to cook at the moment are stews, chillis, and big hearty meals. It is definitely the weather for it.

Over the summer I turned veggie again, and am loving it. So here is a great veggie recipe for you all. Easy and simple. Just how I like things. A potato, vegetable stew with boiled rice:


Diced potatoes
Chopped courgettes
Diced onions
Tinned tomatoes
Mixed lentils

Then I chose to make it a spicy, hot dish. So lots of chilli, garlic and tobacco were needed.

One of the great things about a slow cooker is, is that you wack everything into the pot and then according to your rules, cook it for about 6-8 hrs. I put my on at nine and it was ready to eat at 6. All the moisture and juices are allowed to brew and the flavours really develop when you cook something slowly. Our cooker is on the smaller scale so we get just enough for two meals and then some left overs. This recipe can easily be created using a casserole dish and cooking it in the oven for about 1hr. You just have to par-boil the potatoes first and then added it all together in the pot. Otherwise the potatoes won't be soft. The beauty of the slow cooker, its all done for you. It really is the lazy way to cook...