Sunday, 26 October 2014

…Summer Outfits...

Wow! A whole month without posting! And I was on such a roll over the Summer. However, I knew that come September my time would be precious and spread thinly. Since starting my PGCE, yes that's right I'm back at University, I haven't found the time to even practise my daily yoga as much as I would like. Maybe I should say I'm not giving myself the time, but rather using it all up on studying. Note to self "allow time to relax and care for yourself". Seeing as it's half term now, I feel I can justify taken some time away from studying and get back in blogging a bit more.

Well, here I am and with a collection of my holiday snaps, more specifically my Summer outfits. And since the weather right about now has taken a horrible, ghastly turn, this a great opportunity to reminisce over those sunny days. Most of what I am wearing was charity shop sourced. The white, strapless dress being one of my favourite Summer pieces. The purple detailing is just perfect. We stayed in a little town just outside of Mahon in Menorca. It really was a stunning place to end my Summer.

So, there you go. A very quick update and check in from me. I am planning on sharing some more Summer memories with you…