Thursday, 1 January 2015

…Hello! 2015...

Well, here it is…2015! 2014 is no more! Weird feeling really, it never feels any different, just another day as per usual. Last night we spent it together, just James and I, in front of the TV and it was great. Bottle of wine, a curry and some films. Perfect!

When 00:00 hit and Big Ben chimed in the New Year, it all felt quiet normal. So, for me I haven't made any resolutions just some ideas to think on and maybe act upon in the coming months. I suppose the one thing I want to achieve is QTS and becoming a teacher of my own class. And am well on track to achieving it. Yay! Might compile a post on that soon, talking about my feelings on tackling something new and challenging.

Anyways, moving on from the sentimentalities of the New Year, this post is about rounding up some of my happiest or bestest or favouritest moments (okay so we're still on the sentimental here, ha!), or whatever you want to call them. I put together three collages that I think tell a true picture of my 2014; some outfits, some life moments and also my photography which I have been proud of this year. I feel I got some really great shots. I hope to continue this in the coming months…

Fashion: A collection of outfits that I think show my style and the progression of where I think my style is going. I suppose I wear things that I like rather than thinking about its 'fashion credentials'. I've said it before I think, fashion should be fun and ultimately and expression of yourself rather than hitting the 'on trend' buttons.

Life: I have had a wonderful 2014! Two weddings, a great Summer off seeing friends and family. My first yoga disco was brilliant and something I'll never forget. I also started my journey in becoming a teacher, and love it. Was a big change for me, leaving a job I was secure in, to go and challenge myself and my skills. But the best decision ever!

Photography: I may not have used my camera as much I as I would have liked but when I did, I think I captured some great shots. I love taking candid shots of events, especially of my friends and their respective events (weddings and shows). When away in Menorca I couldn't help but snap away all the time. Was a stunning, beautiful place to take pictures…